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The Road Trip Along The Southern Coast | Iceland

Day 5 In Iceland

The Day Trip Down The Southern Coast

The day started out with me going to pick up my rental car and meeting up with my Icelandic friend Teresa. After we had picked up the car, we grabbed a quick snack and then headed out on the road towards Vik, a small town about three hours away. The whole way there, everything was gorgeous (including us, of course)!

Me & Teresa!
Me & Teresa!


About halfway to Vik, we stopped to see this waterfall, Seljalandsfoss.



Teresa told me that children will often eat these weeds because they taste like sour apples... I forget the exact name but it translates to something like "sour piss", because dogs like to pee on weeds... which she waited to tell me until AFTER she made me eat some.
Teresa made me eat a leaf of this weed and told me that children like to eat them because they taste like sour apples. It’s called “hundasúra”, which translates to “dog sour”. When I asked her what the significance of the name was, she laughed and said, “it’s because dogs like to pee on them!” It would have been nice if she had told me that BEFORE I ate it.Seljalandsfoss




Okay. If I had to choose one place that truly captures the full essence of Iceland, it would be Dyrhólaey. I could see so many natural wonders surrounding me. The beautiful and mysterious basalt columns of Reynisfjall Mountain to the East. The black sand beach to the South. The iconic Dyrhólaey cliffs to the West. Mýrdalsjökull glacier to the North. Absolutely breathtaking.



Reynisfjall Mountain
This set of three jagged rocks is known as Reynisdrangar. In Icelandic folklore, it is said that these were three trolls who were turned to stone when the morning sunlight shone down on them over Reynisfjall Mountain. Does that remind anyone else of Lord of the Rings?
Dyrhólaey means, “the hill island with the door hole”, referring to the hole in the arch of this cliff. This location has been used in several films, including Noah (2014).
Mýrdalsjökull glacier

Dyrhólaey Cemetery and Church

We accidentally stumbled upon this cute little church with a cemetery, and, because I’m obsessed with cemeteries, we spent some time there. I did quite a bit of research on it, and though I did find a few other people who had found it, they all seemed to have mistaken it for Vik Church, which is located a few kilometers away… So I’m going to call it the Dyrhólaey Cemetery and Church.


Dyrhólaey cemetery