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Last Day In Reykjavik | Iceland

Day 10 In Iceland

Last Day In Reykjavik

This trip, my first trip abroad on my own, was such an incredible experience. Time flew by, but by the end I had begun feeling homesick… I kept dreaming about my dog and not seeing him when I woke up made me really sad. Anyways, I kept it low-key on my last day. I went for a little walk, had breakfast at the Waffle Wagon (which, by the way, made the most delicious waffles I’ve ever had) and rummaged through a few local bookshops.


This bee was one of the only insects I saw when I was in Iceland! Another one of the many reasons why it’s an amazing country!







 To my absolute heartbreak, Reykjavik’s cutest bookshop, Bókin, was closed. I decided I’d venture into every other bookshop I came across. I found several, and though they didn’t have the charm of a small local bookstore, they did have a fantastic selection of books in a wide variety of languages.




I still can’t believe how proud I am of who I became while on this trip. I rented a car and took a road trip ,  explored a plane wreck, made new friends, drove a snowmobile on a glacier, grew as a photographer, and faced many of my previously held fears. I think 20 is the perfect age to take your first solo trip abroad, and I will always encourage others to step out of their comfort zone, and into something far greater.


What’s in my suitcase