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Fourth Night In Reykjavik | Iceland

Day 4 In Iceland

2 am

I was awoken in the morning by some very loud truck noises coming from outside my window… When I looked outside I saw that they were actually painting the street for Reykjavik’s annual Pride parade which would be happening later in the week. The rest of the day I really didn’t do much! I was still adjusting to the time change, so I spent most of the day just relaxing and running a few errands. Once the streets got dark, however, I headed out for some street photography fun. I set up my tripod in a few different spots, and just waited for something to happen. And then, this moment unfolded before me.


What I learned today about shooting in the streets at night is that it is easier to go unnoticed, not only because it’s dark, but also because most people are too buzzed to notice you. Luckily, Reykjavik is a very safe town (Iceland is supposedly the #1 safest country in the world), so as long as you are aware of your surroundings, shooting here is fun and totally worth it! I’m definitely going to shoot some more night stuff while I’m here.