We did a bath bomb boudoir shoot- here’s what happened

If you’re a photographer, or an avid Pinterest-er, you’ve probably been made aware of the milk bath trend. Milk baths have become popular, not only because they are incredibly relaxing and leave your skin silky-smooth, but also because they are very photogenic. There’s something very etherial and dream-like about the human body submerged in creamy water, and while some photographers have used them for boudoir shoots, it has become especially trendy to do maternity photos in these milk baths. 

So, being the kind of person who always likes to put my own spin on things, I thought it would be fun to do a similar kind of shoot, but using bath bombs instead of milk! My lovely friend, Kalani, creates and sells bath bombs for a living, and she had mentioned to me her interest in doing a boudoir shoot, so when I presented her with the idea of doing a bath bomb boudoir shoot, she loved it.

We started with a white bath bomb, just to compare its results to that of a milk bath. It created a nice, thick layer of lovely creaminess.

…But that quickly dissolved. This was a little unexpected, but the results were still nice.

BUT THEN we tried out her newest bath bomb, which she hadn’t even tested yet. The results were GORGEOUS!

I haven’t stumbled across any other boudoir shoots that took place in colored water, and I don’t know why because I love the way the photos came out! The dark blue-ish/purple-ish water still has that lovely creamy effect, but the contrast of the dark, opaque water against her light skin really helps define her curves, and in the end, isn’t that what boudoir photography is all about? Yes. Yes, it is.


For photographers

1. Choose the right flowers. Not all flowers are created equal! Some are floaters, and some will sink. I used carnations, but roses, peonies, plumerias and marigolds are great alternatives.

2. Get your hands on a good bath bomb. If you’ve already got a stash of bath bombs waiting to be used, that’s awesome! But if not, Kalani’s can be purchased here. You may want to test whichever bath bombs you use before the shoot, to make sure they don’t create any nasty buildup on the side of the tub, and to make sure they won’t stain your client’s lingerie.

3. I edited all of these photos using my Faux Film photoshop actions, which can be purchased for only $10! If you like what you see, you can save yourself all the effort of trying to recreate my look and you can instantly edit your photos with the click of a button. Trust me, it will save you hours of editing time.
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For lovely ladies

1. Communicate with your photographer. You’re the client, and that means you’re in charge! Be clear about your vision, and feel free to show them these photos or other examples of what you have in mind so they can prepare. It’s also important to find a photographer you trust. Boudoir photography is a very intimate experience, so make sure you’re comfortable with whoever you’re asking to take photos of you in your lingerie. If you’re in San Diego, or Southern California, I’m always taking new clients, so feel free to contact me!

2. Makeup goes a long way. When I shoot boudoir, I usually require that my clients have their makeup professionally done. If that’s out of your budget, however, you can consult my guide for doing your own photo-ready makeup.

So, what do you think? Are you team milk bath, or team bath bomb? Leave me a comment with your thoughts!

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